Fun Facts About Supplements You Didn’t Know About

Have you ever wondered about the supplements you get from douglas laboratories in Supplement First? Besides providing us the necessary vitamins and nutrients we need, what else is there to know about these products?

Learn about the fun facts about supplements here!

  1. More isn’t better

Too much of something good can also be harmful. The same goes for supplements.

That’s why it’s essential to stick to the recommended dosage to stay healthy. Dietary supplements are only supplementing your diet but shouldn’t replace the nutrients you consume from food. While our bodies require vital nutrients, too much of them can cause issues.

  1. Look at the vitamin breakdown

When choosing a supplement brand, it’s more important to compare the vitamin percentages and not only the brands as a whole. The vitamin breakdown of a product is crucial compared to the brand itself.

You won’t need to go for the one that’s more expensive or well-known. You should focus on the one that covers all the essential vitamins you need. And, of course, it should have gone testing, which I’ll explain below.

  1. They test for purity

It’s crucial to know if a product may be contaminated. You can’t test this out yourself accurately, but third parties can. This is an essential factor to consider when selecting appropriate supplement brands.

Find the label of your chosen supplement company that uses third-party testing. Companies like the US Pharmacopeial Convention and Informed Choice test supplements available on the market, ensuring that the product’s claims and the ingredient label states are accurate. To see if supplements have gone through third party testing, check for a stamp on the bottle with a symbol or statement that it has gone through testing and approval.

  1. Supplements may interact with medications

Before you take supplements, you have to evaluate your diet and the medications you take. Supplements aren’t risk-free, particularly when you are taking medications to treat chronic medical conditions. That’s because supplements now contain herbs, which may cause side effects when taken alongside medication.

To prevent this from happening, do consult your doctor. He may be able to suggest brands like douglas labs, along with supplements appropriate for your lifestyle and current health condition.

  1. Supplements benefit us differently

We are all different, with different bodies, health conditions, genetic components, and more. Because of this, supplements would work differently with each body.

If you are deficient in a specific vitamin or mineral, you will need to reverse that deficiency right away with an appropriate supplement. However, if you take a vitamin you’re not deficient in, you don’t get any added benefits.

So if a loved one experienced great results with a particular supplement, it doesn’t always mean the same will happen to you. Do check with your doctor to see what nutrients you are deficient in and the supplements you may take to feel even better and healthier.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you learned a lot more about supplements with these fun facts!

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