How Often Do You Need an Eye Exam?

If you need an affordable eye exam from professionals like Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care, you will also need to know about how often you’ll need to visit your eye doctor.


Whether you have an eye doctor in Avon Indiana or in your own local community, there will be varying answers depending on your age and other factors.


How Often Do You Need an Eye Exam?

There is no set frequency for everyone when it comes to eye exams. It will depend on your age, medical history of you and your family, wearing glasses or contacts, among other risk factors.


6 months to 20 years old

Unless you or a pediatrician noticed any signs of vision loss in your child, then it’s best that your baby’s vision is tested when he reaches 6 months old. He should have another eye exam before entering kindergarten and the first grade, depending on the eye doctor’s recommendations and how your little one feels.


After that, your child should have eye exams every two years unless he is experiencing eye strain. If your child wears glasses, then he needs an eye exam every 6-12 months to ensure that his eye prescription remains accurate.


20-39 years old

Most adults at this age should have a complete eye examination every 2-3 years. This is because you’re less likely to experience sudden or rapid vision loss compared to your younger and older years.


However, you may need to have your eyes checked more often if you:


·          Take medications known to cause visually-related side effects

·          Have certain medical conditions

·          Have a family history of eye diseases

·          Experienced previous eye injury or surgery

·          Wear glasses or contact lenses


African-Americans have a higher risk of vision loss at this stage, so they need to have their eye exams every 1-2 years.


40-64 years old

Your eyes will undergo continuous changes during this stage. You may have diminishing vision and lens prescription changes, as well as your eye lenses slowly hardening. This would impact near vision, and those over 45 years old will most likely require reading glasses.


It’s best to have eye exams every 1-2 years, depending on your eye doctor’s advice. You may need more frequent eye exams if you are at high risk of developing certain diseases like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, contributing to vision loss.


65 years old and above

When you are 65 years old, you’ll need to have a complete eye exam once a year to diagnose and treat vision-related issues from health conditions and other eye conditions.


Seniors have a higher risk of eye conditions if they have a family history of eye conditions or diseases or have had a previous history of eye surgery or trauma.


Wrapping It Up

Now that you know how often you need to head to the eye doctor to schedule your next eye exam and make it a habit to check your eyes regularly.


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