Virtual Urgent Care offered Through Sameday Health in Certain States

Most people go to their primary care doctor when they have a medical issue, but that can be a big source of frustration. It can take a long time to get an appointment, and may also mean a large part of their day will be spent in a waiting room. Instead of dealing with all that, more people are choosing to go to urgent care for their medical issues, to get them addressed quickly and get back to their day.

Virtual Urgent Care Means Faster Treatment

Sameday Health, a provider of healthcare on a nationwide basis, is helping improve the patient experience through its offering of virtual urgent care in select locations. The company provides house calls for certain ailments, as well, which allows people with medical conditions to seek treatment without leaving home. The company was founded during the pandemic and has continued to grow with offerings of wellness injections, IV drips, same-day urgent care support, and COVID testing.

Reduced Anxiety Can Improve Medical Care

Some people have a lot of anxiety sitting in a waiting room at a medical office, or going to medical appointments outside their home. Being seen virtually means receiving immediate and personalized care, so patients can get treatment even if they’re not comfortable seeing a doctor in person. The two main service areas offered by Sameday are Cold + Flu, and Travel.

The goal of the Cold + Flu service is to help clients get better fast, with quick treatments that can improve their quality of life. For the Travel option, clients can learn about COVID precautions in the area they’re traveling to, along with what medications they should pack for a trip and how to avoid issues like seasickness.

Benefiting From Virtual Care

Getting virtual care benefits from Sameday is an important part of good medical care for a lot of people. They can enjoy unlimited access to providers in the medical field, in order to have the support that’s right for their needs. A video call can happen just about anywhere and could mean big benefits for those who live in rural areas. Getting in-person care isn’t always that easy in those locations.

Having the convenience of virtual urgent care is another big part of the benefits Sameday provides. For those who have the flu, for example, getting diagnosed without leaving the house means they aren’t risking the health of others. If people don’t drive, or they’re very busy, or they can’t leave the house easily, they can get virtual care to help them start to feel better faster.

Sameday Health Makes Getting Care Easy

Sameday offers a website and an app, making it easy to connect with them fast. It also only takes a few minutes to book an appointment, and there’s a virtual waiting room through Zoom. Typical appointments for the service are around 20 minutes each, and prescriptions can be called in for pickup or delivered to the client’s door. By revolutionizing virtual urgent care, Sameday is making healthcare easier for a lot of people who really need it.


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