Understanding What a Naturopath Can Do for You

Naturopathy is a health care profession that encourages individuals to rely on the body’s self-healing capabilities rather than taking medications. Health care professionals who are practicing naturopathy, called naturopaths, believe in treating the ‘whole person’ rather than treating a specific part of the body. Read on to learn more about the role of a naturopath and what they can do for you.

What Can a Naturopath Do?

If you’re about to see a naturopath in the Melbourne CBD for the first time, expect to talk to them a lot in your first appointment so they can get a sense of your medical history. A naturopath is able to:

  • Assess your current medical condition based on your medical history and current lifestyle
  • Assess your physical condition based on your current diet and physical activity
  • Provide a detailed diagnosis
  • Provide an assessment of your current condition
  • Provide a detailed plan on how to put your homeostasis back in balance
  • Order additional testing as needed
  • Provide basic care as needed

Who Can Be Called a Naturopath?

There are three types of naturopaths in the world, and most of them are recognised in their chosen practice.

  • Naturopathic Doctors (ND) – Naturopathic doctors are professionals who have completed a three or four year course in naturopathy. There are few known licensed schools that offer this course, so if you’re choosing an ND for the first time, ask them to show their credentials.
  • Traditional Naturopaths – Traditional naturopaths undergo training and learn naturopathy through self-study. They don’t have a license and didn’t graduate from an accredited naturopathy school, yet they are familiar with the principles of naturopathy.
  • Healthcare Providers – Some healthcare providers like nurses or medical doctors can practice naturopathy principles and applythem to their patients as needed. 

If it’s your first time consulting with a naturopath in the Melbourne CBD, you can start by asking for their background, their experience, and somecasesof howthey’ve helped their patients. Success stories are always welcome, as they can show you what naturopathy is capable of.

Can You Consult with a Naturopath While Undergoing Treatment with a Medical Doctor?

Yes. There is no risk associated with seeing a naturopath if you’re already currently undergoing medical treatment for a certain condition. Asking for a second opinion is common,andthere is no issue with seeking a second opinion or receiving complementary treatments from a naturopath. A naturopath will assess your condition and give you an honest evaluation based on what you tell them.

The Doctor-Teacher Principle of Naturopathy

In general, what a naturopath can do for you is teach you to take care of your body. Naturopaths follow six guiding principles in treating and helping patients, and the doctor-teacher principle is one of these six guiding principles. It means that your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your body. These instructions can include changes to your diet, lifestyle and daily activities. A naturopath may also ask you to exercise on a regular basis.When giving instructions, your naturopath will explain the need for each instruction and change. As your teacher, they’ll educate you to ensure you understand the importance of these changes for achieving wellbeing.

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