Tips for Non-Traditional Applicants to Medical School

A non-traditional applicant is a student who has taken a different path to work in medicine other than the typical academic path. It happens you took a different course in life before and decided to follow a career in medicine later on in life. Despite this, you still need to have a good GPA, even as a non-traditional student. To help you determine whether you qualify for pre med, you need to use a science GPA calculator to calculate your GPA before submitting your application. To help you with the whole process, here are some great tips to help you gain admission to the medical school of your choice as a non-traditional student.

Prepare for Your MCAT

A high MCAT score is important for every applicant, more so for non-traditional students. The best medical schools have changed their grading scales to accommodate other students. Your GPA will not be compared to someone who completed school recently. But the MCAT is a standardized test that enables the admissions committee to compare the aptitude of different people with different backgrounds.

Show Off the Skills That Make You Stand Out

As a non-traditional applicant, then you have some unique skills and experiences. This will help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. You have to convince the admission committee that your choice to join the medical school is one you have thoroughly considered. Even with an impressive resume, you have to show great interest in the medical field. You should show areas you have volunteered to show that you understand and are committed to medicine. You can look for experience in a health clinic or work as a part-time nurse aid or an EMT.

Do Thorough Research On Schools You Can Apply To

As a non-traditional student, you have a chance to apply to about 16 medical schools. Even then, make sure you apply widely and target schools that correspond to your MCAT and GPA stats. It is important to note that applying to med schools in your state will give you the biggest advantages because they prioritize in-state students. Also, make sure that you choose programs you like and do not limit yourself because of your age.

Get Your Finances in Check

You will soon notice that medical school is quite expensive.  So, make sure you are in a great financial position before you start school. You might want to save up for your tuition if you are not a fan of taking up student loans. If you decide to take up a student loan, remember you will have to pay it back. So make sure you spend the money wisely.

Get Organized with Your Time

Make sure you start organizing your study habits. Medical school is a new environment and will demand a lot of your time.

Non-traditional applicants have a higher chance of getting admission to medical schools now more than ever.  Admission committees are now looking for diversity among their applicants. Therefore, be sure to highlight your unique strengths in your applications while showing your interest in medicine. If you have worked in the medical field before, then you have a higher chance of admission.

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