The Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal

Are you planning to get laser hair removal? This method is interesting, reliable, and effective. But you should understand that its result can be easily and quickly affected by the steps you take or don’t take.

Therefore, as you are thinking about laser hair removal, you must learn its do’s and don’ts that will be explained below:

Do’s of laser hair removal

·       DO shave the target area before the procedure

If your hair is too long, beams of light may not be able to attack the hair follicle properly. As a result of this, it is crucial to shave the hair in the target area about 12 hours before your laser appointment.

·       DO soothe your skin

After laser hair removal, your skin will be somewhat hot. If this continues, you may have challenges with skin irritation, redness, and so on. So, you need to soothe your skin after the procedure to prevent any of these side effects.

You can consider aloe vera or another natural soothing product. The product should be used several times for the first few days after laser hair removal. Otherwise, soothe your skin with cool water and a soft washcloth. An ice pack can also be placed on the treated area to soothe it.

·       DO protect your skin against sunlight

In general, laser hair removal increases the sensitivity of your skin to sunlight. Unfortunately, sunlight can damage your skin and cause irritation and other issues. So, before and after laser hair removal, you must protect your skin against sunlight.

You can do this by wearing a sunscreen that contains SPF 30 or more. If possible, don’t stay under direct sunlight for the first few weeks after the procedure.

Don’ts of laser hair removal

·       DON’T use antibiotics

Antibiotics are known to be capable of increasing photosensitivity. Hence, if you take antibiotics before or after laser hair removal, your skin will be more susceptible to the effects of heat. This can lead to rashes, blisters, irritations, and lots more. So, don’t use antibiotics.

·       DON’T tan

Do you like tanning? If yes, you should avoid it for about 7 days before and after laser hair removal. Basically, tanning involves exposure to sunlight which is not good for your skin. Therefore, you should avoid tanning when you want to get laser hair removal.

·       DON’T use deodorant

Everyone loves using deodorants because of their ability to help you to smell nice and curtail sweating. Unluckily, many of them often leave some residue on the body. The residue can lower the effectiveness of the treatment. So, it is recommended that you avoid using a deodorant 24 hours before and after the laser treatment.

·       DON’T use makeup

Like deodorants, makeups can leave some residues on your body. The residue can deflect the beams of light from the laser; thus, affecting the effectiveness of the procedure. Given this, you need to avoid using makeup for 24 hours before and after laser hair treatment.

In a nutshell, these do’s and don’ts are straightforward. Therefore, you need to observe these things to ensure that laser hair removal is effective.

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