Preferred Men’s Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale

Preferred Men’s Medical Center provides a unique approach to managing sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalances. With customized treatment programs that are based on the unique understanding that treating these medical conditions requires an individualized assessment and treatment program for each patient.

This is in contrast to the typical approach, where often a one-size-fits-all medication is prescribed. Our physicians review lab results, symptoms, situation, medications being used currently along with other health factors to develop an effective treatment plan.

Impotence is often accompanied by several symptoms. These symptoms generally occur in conjunction with decreased sexual desire, diminished reaction time when sexual stimuli are encountered, and decreased libido. Impotence is usually defined as any condition in which a man has either difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection or loses the ability to achieve or sustain an erection. In males, impotence can range from being mild (with ejaculatory control) to severe (with complete lack of ejaculatory control). This article will discuss the most common forms of impotence and the medical interventions that may be recommended for them.

Each patient at Preferred Men’s Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale receives the attention and time they deserve because all patients require the care and respect that is expected from health professionals. The offices have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools on-site and a dedicated team with a high degree of specialization.

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Preferred Men’s Medical Center
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