Overcoming Healthcare Challenges with Health Carousel’s Nursing Initiative

The inception of the COVID-19 pandemic probably changed a lot of minds regarding how the world works. Suddenly, the very things that we took for granted were no longer available – and that includes quick and convenient access to medical care.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as its enduring nature has led to countless losses, both financially and on a human level, around the world. As we continue to get back to life, as usual, healthcare systems and facilities are going to have to compensate for a lack of staffing solutions.

Health Carousel – Innovative Nursing Initiatives and Healthcare Solutions

First opening its doors in 2004, Health Carousel has operated out of the Cincinnati area while building a name for itself on the international level. With an umbrella of separately branded divisions under its name and within its wheelhouse, Health Carousel works on multiple levels to help healthcare organizations to meet and exceed their long-term and temporary hiring requirements.

Initially founded to help staff healthcare facilities with shortened rosters, Health Carousel has broadened its view to a more international level. Health Carousel operates with the goal, “to improve lives and make healthcare work better.”

Ostensibly targeting facilities and locations that are understaffed, Health Carousel hopes to become a pipeline of medical professionals directed at wherever they need to go.

In addition to its managed workforce solutions, Health Carousel offers service as a Managed Services Provider by providing clients and professionals with tools, training, and coaching to better take control of the career opportunities ahead of them.

At the time of this writing, Health Carousel has more than 600 internal employees and has connected with more than 3,000 healthcare providers around the world. As a result of its efforts, Health Carousel has impacted more than 8.8 million patients on a global scale.

Services Provided by Health Carousel

As a strategic provider of healthcare staffing solutions and services, Health Carousel operates several different outreach programs to accomplish tasks at home and abroad. Of the many different managed solutions under their separate branded divisions, we’ll outline a few of the most innovative and talked about options.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

The global pandemic led to increased staffing shortages in healthcare facilities around the world. Whether due to the pandemic itself or overworked staff, filling the void of a shortage has been made more possible by Health Carousel Travel Nursing.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing connects with healthcare facilities from every corner of the globe to address long-term, short-term, and chronic staffing shortages. A giant network of professionally credentialed nurses, and other allied pros, give Health Carousel the ability to quickly and effectively deploy staff wherever they are needed, whenever they are needed, and by whoever needs them. These traveling professionals are empowered through innovative technology to find jobs with or without the assistance of a Health Carousel recruiter.

Health Carousel International

Ethical and high-quality recruitment on a global level is the core functionality of Health Carousel International. Created to help open doors for professionals and experts to expand their horizons, Health Carousel International sets the standard when it comes to connecting clients with a network of credentialed global healthcare professionals. Through the Health Carousel International program, healthcare organizations will find access to registered therapists, medical techs, and registered nurses with an average of more than eight years of experience – numbers and training figures that exceed common standards in the United States.

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