Making morning sex fun with these quick tips

There is no better way to wake up in the morning than an early morning amazing sex. We all know the positive effects that sex has on our bodies. Some of the benefits of morning sex include being productive, boosts confidence, relieves stress, etc. Morning sex not only helps you wake up on time but also lets you enjoy the moment the first thing in the morning. In order to enjoy your moment to the fullest, you can discuss the best sex positions with your partner and find out what works for them the best. This will help both of you to enjoy your moment. Here are a few tips that can make your morning sex more fun.

  • Set your alarm for a little early- Even if you are one of those lazy bums, trust us, this would be worth it. Waking up a little early for one of the most exciting parts of the day can save you from so much, such as heavy traffic or getting ready in a rush. It would be better if you set your alarm at least 15 minutes prior to your usual time. If you take a bit of time to come to your senses after a good sleep, no worries, try sleepy sex as it’s way more fun.
  • Save water- If you don’t want to wake up too early, just go for shower sex. You are anyway going to shower before work; why not do it together and make it fun. Saving water together is one of the most sensual forms of sex. It helps you build that physical connection. This works wonders even when you have just reached home as it relieves the stress. To make it easier in water, make sure you keep silicone lubricants near you.
  • Reach out for toys- If you have a lot of time in hand, then you should definitely go for sex toys such as handcuffs, vibrators, or anything else that works for you. This is the easiest way to wake yourself or your partner up and pleasure them instantly. Sex toys can help you reach the climax easily as well as quickly. However, you should not focus more on orgasm but the enjoyment.
  • Don’t make it boring- We know it could be a task for some people to wake up in the morning whereas the other person is all set for everything and in the mood. This might lead to a discussion of taking active and passive roles for the morning sex, which may kill the fun for obvious reasons. In this case, you can take turns and do the deed equally without making the other person feel responsible for everything.
  • Try breakfast sex- Both of you can make breakfast with each other before getting ready or maybe naked. Consider this as your foreplay and get started. Serve them breakfast in bed and play around a little with things like whipped cream or Nutella. While you do this, make sure you do not spill anything on yourself or your partner.

Undoubtedly, morning sex remains one of the best ways to wake up on time. There is no secret formula on how you should have your morning sex. Just go with whatever works for you and your partner. Make it worth waking up early.

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