Introducing LEVEL4 PT & Wellness

Being able to continue your fitness into your later years is important because unfortunately, our bodies don’t get any younger. And when we limit what our bodies can do with a lack of exercise, it can be even more debilitating. When it comes to Physical Therapy in Encinitas, we’re driven to ensure you can live a life free from painkillers and where pain no longer holds you back from enjoying life to the fullest.

Whether you’re in your 40s, 50, 60s and beyond, general pain and injury tends to come a little easier to us, and we understand the difficulty and realistic lengths that your body can go to when it comes to exercise. There’s a lot of noise on the internet about what’s best for you and although some of this might work, it’s usually collected by those without the professional knowledge to back it up.

To help combat that pain you’re feeling, we can provide the solutions through physical therapy sessions. During your initial session with the PT, it’ll be an opportunity to go through your medical history, any current problems you have including pain intensities. We’ll access the goals that you want to personally reach and any medication or tests needed in terms of your health. Our packages are therefore tailored entirely with you and your body in mind.

So, what can you expect from these PT sessions? Well, once the therapist has given an objective evaluation, which may include muscle testing, range of motion and various special tests, the therapist will formulate a list of problems. These problems will come with active solutions on how to treat them and a plan is developed along with your input. This means you get the opportunity to discuss everything in detail and to figure out what is going to work best for you.

We offer flexibility in the amount of times you will need to see the physical therapist. Everyone is different with the number of weeks they’ll need and what type of home programs and patient education that will be needed to ensure you get the very best out of your sessions. There’s the opportunity to create both short-term or long-term goals depending on your own desires, and again, we want to reinforce the importance of this being a collaborative process.

Treatments will tend to last around sixty minutes, and the number of visits needed will vary depending on your needs. A lot of questions are asked about the amount of pain during these physical therapy sessions. There at times may be minimal discomfort, but all our PT’s ensure that this is minimal and that the sessions are tailored around what you can manage, rather than being a set intensity that won’t suit everyone.

From previous clients, we’ve treated those with problems such as bad backs, neck & shoulder issues as well as the knees and ankles. We also treat women’s health, such as pelvic floor disorders and pain.If you’re suffering from pain in the body, then physical therapy is certainly something to consider.

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