How to use condoms safely

What are condoms?

Condoms are thin and fitted rubber tubes that are supposed to be worn by men as well as women in order to keep themselves safe from infections, sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, and pregnancies. It helps people by creating a barrier so that semen does not reach inside the vagina or mouth.

There are mainly two types of condoms- male condoms and female condoms. In addition to that, there are other types of condoms as well-

  • Latex, lambskin or plastic condoms
  • Spermicide coated condoms
  • Lubricated condoms
  • Textured condoms

How to wear a condom?

Here is how one should wear a condom

Male condom: A male condom can be worn before or during sex-

  • Take out the condom carefully out of the wrapper.
  • Keep it on the tip of the fully erected penis. Pull back the foreskin before putting it on, if you are uncircumcised.
  • Release the air out by pinching the tip of the condom.
  • Unroll it down to the base of your penis.
  • After having sex, pull it out carefully by keeping a hold on the base.

Female condom: A female condom needs to be worn before sex.

  • Take out the condom carefully from the packet.
  • Stand or sit in a comfortable position. One can also sit in the squat position while inserting the female condom.
  • The sides of the inner ring should be squeezed at the closed end of the condom.
  • Insert the condom just like a tampon.
  • Push it in until it starts to feel it cannot go any further or rests against the cervix.
  • Do not push the outer ring. It needs to hang outside the body.
  • Guide the penis to enter the vagina carefully.
  • After having the sex, take the outer ring that was hanging outside the body and twist it and then pull it out.

Tips for using condoms safely-

Male condoms-

  • Don’t tear the condom while opening the packet.
  • Do not use it if it is expired, brittle, sticky, or stiff.
  • Do not take out the condom until you are finished.
  • Do not reuse a condom.
  • If there is no reservoir tip on the condom, leave about a half-inch of space by pinching the end part of the condom to collect the semen when ejaculation occurs.
  • Do not continue using the condom that gets broken during the process.
  • Remove the condom carefully so that the semen does not spill out.

Female condom-

  • Use some lubricant on the outer side of the closed end so that it gets in easily.
  • Carefully put in the condom and make sure that it does not get twisted inside.
  • Do not continue if you feel the condom has slipped out of the place or the outer ring is getting pushed into the body.


There are various brands of condoms available in the market. It is always a great idea to go for the best option available. Some of the best condoms in India include Manforce Extra dotted condoms, Durex Air ultra-thin condoms, Skore timeless dotted condoms, Kamasutra super-thin condoms, etc. It may take some time to figure out what suits you and your partner best. However, it should not stop you from experimenting with different condoms.

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