How to Help Children Feel More Comfortable When Visiting the Doctor

When it comes to visiting the doctor, many children feel uncomfortable. This is because they don’t like being handled by an unfamiliar person, let alone undergoing a painful treatment like a flu shot or a blood test. However, it’s essential to keep your child as calm as possible in order to allow their health to be properly taken care of. Read on to find out four ways to help children feel more comfortable when visiting doctors in Bundoora. 

Accompany Your Child

It’s essential for you to accompany your own child to the doctor. Some parents arrange to have a grandparent or a babysitter take their child to a medical clinic in Bundoora. However, it’s important for the parent to go for the first few appointments. If a child sees that their own mother or father is comfortable in the clinic, they’ll be more likely to trust the doctor and feel like they’re in a safe environment. Children can learn a lot from their parents and it’s vital to set a good example.

Educate Them

When it’s time for your child to visit a GP in Bundoora, it’s important for you to help your child understand what will be involved before they go in. For example, you can purchase a toy doctor kit and a white lab coat for a pretend check-up so they know what to expect. Demonstrate how a doctor might examine their mouth, listen to their heartbeat or take their blood pressure. If you don’t have access to these types of materials, you might also like to read children’s books to your child that detail what happens when visiting a doctor. This will help to keep them at ease and ensure the appointment runs smoothly.

Validate Their Fears

Your child may have many fears about going to a medical clinic in Bundoora, and it’s important to validate them. You should avoid saying things like “It won’t hurt” or “Don’t be afraid”, as doing so can make you seem less credible and caring. Instead, suggest that even though the experience may seem daunting at the start, it’ll be over quickly and every other appointment will seem much easier afterwards. It’s also essential to never promise that your child won’t need shots, as sometimes they can be required unexpectedly.

Provide Comfort and Control

Finally, if your child is feeling anxious about visiting a GP in Bundoora, it’s your duty as a parent to provide comfort to them. You can do this by having them sit on your lap in order for them to feel more secure. It can be confronting having a stranger invading their personal space. You can minimise this anxiety by making your child feel more empowered by giving them choices. For example, ask what area they want the doctor to examine first. Kids also pick up on their parents’ cues and sense their comfort level. If you feel at ease, your child will likely pick up on this and feel better about the experience.

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