Dos and don’ts for couples planning IVF

In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a boon for childless couples, single mothers or those who might not want to conceive naturally. Approximately 5 lakh couples opt for IVF in India annually. In recent times, changes in lifestyle and exposure to radiation, stress and organic pollutants have increased the prospects of infertility and the popularity of infertility solutions alike. Luckily, the rapid progress in medical technology has enabled experts to address and resolve the most complicated cases through IVF treatments. However, researching and choosing the best doctor in your city by looking up, say-best IVF doctor in Chennai online could help you with your preliminary research.

Before starting your IVF journey, talk to your partner, family or specialist and stay updated with all the aspects of the treatment. Before scheduling your appointment at an infertility centre, there are some things you need to observe for a successful IVF treatment. Read on to know more-

  • Maintain the required physique-

Being underweight or overweight can diminish the chances of successful treatment. A disciplined diet and exercise regime must be followed. If you want to lose weight, switch to high fibre and high protein diet and reduce carbohydrates intake. Those wishing to put on some weight need to increase their protein and carbohydrate intake. Skip junk, spicy and oily food throughout the treatment.

  • Don’t ignore complications or warning signs-

Post-IVF complications are not usually occurring, but everybody is structured differently. Do not hesitate to reach out to your doctor if you experience abnormal signs like heaviness in the lower abdomen, spotting, bloating or burning sensation in the vagina. Remember, your doctor is your best friend during the treatment.

  • Use fresh sperm for insemination-

Experts advise a period of abstinence from 3 to 5 days for better quality sperm. The male partner must visit the specialised laboratory, preferably in the morning, for the process. The sample is then analyzed and prepared for insemination. If you are using a sperm donor, be aware that gamete donation is framed by law.

  • Don’t take stress:

Stress is not just a feeling but a psychological response. Switching to IVF is a brave decision. Despite technological advancements, apprehensions regarding the treatment, judgmental questions and prying eyes are unavoidable. You can divert your mind towards creative activities like drawing, meditation, writing or photography.

  • Undertake medical tests beforehand-

To increase your chances of pregnancy, you will have to perform many medical tests beforehand. After clinical examination, monitor your ovulation period. While there are many mobile applications available for the same, an alternative to this is the ovulation calculator provided on the official website of the best infertility center in Chennai.

If the woman is 40 years old or above, she may undergo ovarian stimulation or induction to trigger ovulation. Another treatment, known as hormone treatment, boosts the development of follicles to enhance the chances of conception.

Infertility should not be a disease. A safe and ideal IVF treatment will address all your problems.

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