Covid 19 Testing: Its Need And Its Various Types

The Covid 19 started spreading globally after the spread of coronavirus. People who experience mild levels of Covid 19 suffer from cough and respiratory problems. They are advised to quarantine themselves for at least 14 days. If you experience Covid 19, such as cough, breathlessness, cold, high fever, etc., it is suggested to go for Covid 19 testing. It is needed as a precaution to be safe from been infected by a coronavirus. You will come about the types of Covid 19 test below.

Types Of Covid 19 Tests

Two broad categories of Covid 19 tests are

  • Diagnostic tests- This test helps you determine whether your coronavirus infection is active or not. As of now, there are the following types of diagnostic tests which are
  • Antigen tests- For finding specific proteins from the virus, an antigen test is performed. The detection of active infection can be missed out in this form of tests. Though they give the results faster than the molecular tests, it is recommended to get a molecular test done even if the antigen test results come negative and Covid symptoms are still present. The sample in antigen tests is taken through a nasal swab test.
  • Molecular tests- In this kind of test, the virus’s genetic material are detected using a sample from the person’s throat or nose. This test is performed using the given steps, which are
  • An order from a health professional is first required for this test to be taken.
  • A swab test is then performed by your doctor for collecting mucus from the throat or the nose.
  • In a sterile container, the swab is then stored and sealed to be sent to a lab.
  • It is required that the swab should reach the lab within 72 hours of its dispatch.
  • The lab technician mixes some liquids to extract the virus’s genetic material from the swab.
  • The virus’s RNA is converted to its DNA using some lab technician cooling and heating cycles. The probes and primers are used during this process.
  • In case a specific probe binds with the DNA, then the light’s production by the machine proves the result as Covid positive.
  • Antibody tests- It can only be used to detect the antibodies which are formed after been infected by the virus, but nothing about the virus. Many days can be taken to detect the antibodies. 

Besides getting you tested for Covid 19, it is recommended to take precautionary measures like wearing an N-95 mask, using sanitisers, etc., to remain healthy and Covid 19 free.

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