5 easy tips for improving bonding during sex

According to science, the brain is flooded with different emotions and hormones during sex. An emotion called oxytocin which is known as the love hormone is released and is responsible for making people happy by decreasing the stress after the act. One of the easiest ways to strengthen the bond between the couple is the skin to skin touch. Here are a few sex tips that can actually help you improve your bond with your partner-

  • Foreplay- Do not forget the buildup. Foreplay is the first and foremost thing that can help you build that deeper connection. Teasing your partner, flirty texts, touching their erogenous zones can help your partner feel valued. It can create the instant connection and make the sex more special.
  • Have a look at your partner- Majority of the people tend to close their eyes while having sex. But it’s actually a mistake that couples make. There are times when you should look into the eyes of your partner. Having intense eye contact can give you a sense of trust and make you feel desired. This also helps in strengthening the bond between the couple. However, it is important to know the limit and when you should stop otherwise it will take less than a second to turn into a creepy affair.
  • Say no to distractions- Make sure that it is your time and do not let anybody else interfere in your personal time. Keep your gadget or anything that can cause distraction away from your bedroom. During sex, you need to focus only on your partner. Answering unnecessary calls or texting may make it worse for you. Make your partner feel important and then notice the impact that it creates.
  • Communication is the key- Keeping mute during sex is one of the biggest turn offs. Try to communicate with your partners about your preferences. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to do something, let them know. If anything feels good for you, appreciate it. Moans and sounds can make it fun and give the other person a good feeling. It helps the other person know that you’re enjoying the moment with them. Ask them what they like and explore things together such as types of condoms, different positions, etc.
  • Movie night- Pick out a sensual movie together and turn it into a movie date. Get to know each other’s fantasies through the movie. There is nothing better than an erotic movie to get things heated up. Or maybe play a game by asking each other what you would have done in a situation. This will help you know about their desires and make things fun for you.

Understand that your sex life will not improve overnight and it will take some time for you to figure out what works for you. Mistakes are bound to happen but, at the same time, ensure that you learn from these mistakes and do not repeat the same ever again in your bedroom.

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